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Welcome to Hidden Craft!

Since Mesopotamian times, beer has been the drink of the people and traces of beer production were found in almost every big civilization...

In the US, prior to Prohibition, there were thousands of breweries in the United States, mostly brewing heavier beers than modern US beer drinkers are used to. Beginning in 1920, most of these breweries went out of business, although some converted to soft drinks and other businesses. Bootlegged beer was often watered down to increase profits, beginning a trend, still on-going today, of the American markets heavily advertising the weaker beers and keeping them popular.

Consolidation of breweries and the application of industrial quality control standards have led to the mass-production and the mass-marketing of huge quantities of light lagers. Advertising became supreme, and bigger companies fared better in that market. But in the last 10 years, the US has seen a resurgence of the craft beer industry and there are now over 2800 craft breweries producing amazing brews!

At Hidden Craft, we want you to enjoy some of these locally crafted brews by our favorite beer makers.  We have designed a “wall of beer fame” with over 30 beer self-serve beer taps: our team of beer experts is there to guide you through these amazing choices! Every month, we will host beer talks and you’ll get to learn first-hand from industry experts everything about their beers.

We also believe that tasting beer should be a multi-sensory experience so we developed a food menu with a wide range of flavors. Our lunch, brunch and dinner menus are varied and developed from years of culinary excellence.

So as the best kept-secret of downtown San Diego, we hope that you will enjoy our casual yet refined environment with our outdoor private patio. With live music nights, trivia and other fun events, there is always something happening at Hidden Craft!

Finally on top of supporting local micro-breweries, we want to be an advocate for change and that is why we made a commitment to support the San Diego Rescue Mission, a local 501C3 that provides rehabilitation programs to members of the homeless community.

We are such fans of their work and we are proud to be their supporter!